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MB-4 Version 1.40

Enhanced speed of USB recognition and other minor improvements

Important Notice for MB-4 users

This announcement contains information regarding correct updating of the MB-4 and the RCS unit.

MC15000 - Version 2.0 UpdateNew

Improvements and modifications

Memory Craft 12000

MC12000 - Version 1.20 UpdateNew

Compatiblity with Essential Hoop (RE18)

Memory Craft 11000 Series

MC11000/MC11000 Special Edition
Version 2.10/3.10 Update

Compatibility with Janome Polyester embroidery thread

Memory Craft 11000 - Update to Version 1.31

Many new improvements including improved needle threading and resume functions, and other minor issues are resolved.

Memory Craft 10000/10001

Memory Craft 10000 - Update to Version 2.21

(This option is a supplementary update, designed only for those users of Version 2.20 that are experiencing ATA PC Card incompatibility.)

Design templates for MC10001/MC10000 Ver.3.0

5 for GigaHoop designs
14 for Free Arm Hoop designs
Tips to print templates successfully CLICK
How to use templates CLICK

pdf GigaHoop designs A-3 (486KB)

pdf GigaHoop designs A-4 ( 1,152KB)

image GigaHoop designs Letter ( 2,670KB)

image Free Arm designs A-4 (810KB)

Memory Craft 9500

MC9500 Version 1.11 Update

Improves minor issues in Version 1.1.

Memory Craft 350E

Memory Craft 350E - Version 1.10

Adds ability to connect to CD-Rom drive via USB cable and increases maximum speed to 750 spm.

Memory Craft 300E

MC300E Version 1.11 Update

Improves minor issues in Version 1.1.