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December, 2004 
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units
Digitizer 10000 Ver.2.0 is now available with following new features.

New Features:
Design Gallery
-Manage your own collections and built-in
designs on your computer.

Slow Redraw
-lets you view the designs stitch out on screen
without using a single piece of thread.
Click to outline
-let you digitize outlines from artwork instantly.

Enhancement :

More icons
5 new fonts
50 extra embroidery gallery motifs

-New same motifs in Janome sewing machines.

Download the brochure >>

*Current version 1.2 & 1.3 can be updated to Version 2.0. Contact your nearest Janome dealer for details.

November, 2004 
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units
By simply using wool and our New Brush-out Embroidery Kit your Janome Memory Craft model will offer you the most beautiful and unique three dimensional embroidery designs ever!
This special combo makes 100 kinds of incredible animals, stylish & warm clothing and animated beings!

: Brush-out Embroidery foot
 Needle cramp screw
 Yarn Guide
 Net for spool

Brush-out Embroidery Collection CD
by Stitchitize

*This CD is to be used with the Brush-out Embroidery kit.

November, 2004

After reaching a cumulative production total of twenty million units and celebrating thirty five years since establishment, 2004 was an auspicious year for Taiwan Janome.

Taiwan Janome was established in 1969 as the first overseas production facility for the Janome Group, and has successfully increased production unit totals year by year. Results for 2003 proved Taiwan Janome's position as the world's number one manufacturer of household sewing machines with a yearly production total of 1.20 million units.

Under the concept of TPM (Total Productive Management), Taiwan Janome is currently focusing on the key ideas of "Chang", "Eradication of Waste", and "Flexible Production" in order to further increase efficiency and ensure optimum production performance.

November, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

Designed and manufactured to the highest Janome standards, this high-speed straight stitch sewing machine promises durability and functions perfect for the professional and home user alike. With a maximum sewing speed of 1600spm, a large working area, highly responsive speed control and much more, the 1600P series promises genuine high performance.

Choose from three different specifications to match your sewing needs:
1600P - with HL (Household) needle, built-in needle threader and automatic thread cutter.
1600P-DBX - with DB (Industrial) needle and an automatic thread cutter
1600P-DB - with DB (Industrial) needle

*Available from your nearest Janome dealer

November, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

Janome has now made using the MC 9500 & 300E and Customizer 1000Plus even easier. Contact your nearest Janome Dealer for details on how to update your machine or software for an enhanced sewing experience.

MC9500/MC300E Machine Update
This update allows MC9500 & MC300E users to sew free-arm designs and there are also several free-arm designs available.

More Details
Customizer10000 Plus Ver. 3.1
Features a GigaHoop function for MC9500 & MC300E users and solves problems experienced by users of all models with previous Customizer10000 Plus versions.

More Details
Customizer10000 Plus version3.1

November, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

To commemorate the addition of a Gigahoop function to the MC9500 and MC300E, Janome has released a special Gigahoop kit.

The standard kit includes a Gigahoop, Customizer 10000Plus(Ver.3.1) software, and for a limited time, the kit also comes with a Gigahoop Collection CD by Stitchitize featuring embroidery designs to get you started.

Includes : Gigahoop
  Customizer10000 Ver.3.1
! Bonus ! Stitchitize Gigahoop Collection CD

*Contact your local Janome dealer for further details.

October 10, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

Since it's founding, Thai Janome Co., Ltd. has increased its unit production totals yearly and reached the landmark of a cumulative total of 3 million units in May of 2004.

With its sights firmly set on attainment of the ISO140001 certification, and as a member of the Janome Group, Thai Janome is committed to continue production of products which earn the complete satisfaction of users.

June 26, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

Information can be viewed in PDF files by clicking on the link below.

>> Investor Fact Sheet for Fiscal 2004

June 26, 2004 
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

This vivid collection featuring 32 designs of animal companions and accessories which can be combined to make a woodland scene, is sure to give hours of sewing pleasure.

Featuring 2 iron-on background transfers to download, the designs can be used on t-shirts, bags, and can even be used to make your own cloth storybook. Let your imagination run wild with these whimsical designs.

Available now from your local Janome Dealer.

Download* the iron-on transfers here.

*A valid ID number available with the purchase of the #1020 "Woodland Times" collection is required.

May 21, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

After reaching the 2 million unit mark in 2002, Thai Janome announced that it had reached a cumulative shipment of 3 million units as of May 21, 2004.This excellent news is a result of the extraordinary efforts by Thai Janome ( President: Mr. Masayuki Kitamura)
and shows their success in producing and shipping an additional 1 million units in just under two years since reaching the 2 million mark . The Janome Group congratulates them on their efforts.

In 2003, Thai Janome produced 546,000 machines, bringing the total production of the Janome Group to approximately 1.8 million machines, securing Janome’s position again as the world’s largest producer of household sewing machines.

Thai Janome Co., Ltd
Location: Srircha, Thailand

Location: Srircha, Thailand
Employees: 600
ISO9002 Approved in April 2000
ISO9001:2000 Approved in May 2002

May 21, 2004
JANOME celebrates the production of 40 million units

The new addition to the Janome embroidery library is an elegant collection of appliqué designs created exclusively for Janome by Dalco Home Sew.
The “Afternoon Brew” collection features 24 finely-detailed designs that can be sewn easily, thanks to the easy-to-follow sewing instructions, appliqué fabric patterns and, design templates that come with the PC-Card/CD. The collection also includes a Gigahoop-sized still life that can be sewn using the Gigahoop (MC10000, MC10001) or B-Hoop.
Enjoy creating your own original embroidery scenes by mixing and matching designs and fabrics. Available now from your nearest Janome Dealer.