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December 2006
Memory Craft 350E Professional-Style Embroidery Machine.

The Memory Craft 350E like the Memory Craft 300E, is a stand-alone embroidery machine unique in its compactness, durability, and beautifully precise stitching, but with more exciting new additions!
  • Auto thread cutter trims top and bobbin thread at the end of each color during a stitch out or at the push of a button.
  • USB port and ATA PC card slot. Bring in designs using a USB memory key, flash memory card, or from a PC Design Card.
  • Choose from four different hoop sizes. From the optional 2" x 2" Free Arm Hoop up to the optional 9.1" x 7.9" Giga Hoop.
  • Compatible with Digitizer and Customizer lines of embroidery software.
  • Create sophisticated embroidery layouts without software. Designs are easily imported, edited, and moved to the desired position using the controls on the backlit LCD touch screen.
  • Rotation can be controlled in 1 degree increments.
  • Design resizing, which ranges from 90% to 120%.
  • Faster onboard processor, enabling MC350E to complete onboard functions in a fraction of the time.
  • The motion of the upper shaft is now smoother and quieter thanks to the addition of a new system of ball bearings.
  • 100 embroidery designs included in machine's internal library.
For more information:
>> Click here to download the MC350E brochure as a PDF file.
December 2006
The Osawa Collection
Janome is very pleased to announce the release of its latest PC-Design CD embroidery design collection created by Kiyomi Osawa. Ms. Osawa is a highly acclaimed Japanese embroidery artist who specializes in a manual machine embroidery technique sometimes referred to as thread painting. By varying stitch length, direction and thread color this unique technique allows for a subtle shading which gives a gorgeous life-like quality to the finished embroidery unlike any other we have seen.

Janome, through careful consultation with Ms. Osawa, has captured this delicate art in a way that all can replicate and enjoy!

The first release in a series of three, Flowers and Butterflies, will be followed by Birds, and Fishes (incl. ocean life). We hope you will enjoy incorporating this touch of elegance to your creations!
For more information:
>> Click here to view a PDF file of the Design Menu
>> Click here to view a Sewing Project using this design card
December 2006
DigitizerPro Version 2.0 update
The new and exciting DigitizerPro version 2.0 is now available. There are fifteen major improvements included, many of which are a direct result of feedback from Janome customers.

The improvements in this new version include:
  • Macro Hoop support
  • Design splitting capability for the Macro Hoop
  • RE Hoop support (same size as the MC10001's B hoop)
  • User defined hoop support which means you can create hoops for other brands of machines.
  • Trimming features for PhotoClick Stitch.
  • Improved True Type fonts including the new Thai language fonts.
  • Beautiful new 'Blackwork' motifs
  • 2/3 letter monograms
  • Pre-cut appliqué or Cut in Place appliqué options
  • E shaped or 'Blanket Stitch' for appliqué
Free DigitizerPro Version 2.0 update for current DigitizerPro owners:
Janome is offering a free update to DigitizerPro Version 2.0 for current owners of DigitizerPro. Please contact your local Janome dealer or distributor for further details on the free upgrade offer or click here to download
November 2006
MC11000 Version 1.3 update program
New Memory Craft 11000 Version 1.3 program with many exciting improvements is now available. This update features these major improvements:
  • A 'combine' and 'un-combine' function in the edit screen - this will give you so much more flexibility. It will greatly speed up the production of layouts that are made up of repeated components.
  • The very welcome return of the 'Favorite Stitch' function - just like the Memory Craft 10001. The default stitch width and length can be altered by switching on the 'favorite stitch' option in the SET menu, re-set the stitch and it is automatically registered as the default setting.
  • Even better 'Resume' function - interrupt your sewing using the 'stop' key and you can resume your sewing at exactly the same point as you left off - this means the machine returns to the last color, even the last stitch as when you switched the machine off.
  • RE Hoop (rectangular) and Hat Hoop capability - The RE Hoop is the same size as the Memory Craft 10001's B Hoop therefore this also opens up the opportunity of using the popular Hat Hoop - both of these hoops are optional. The new Hat Hoop icon on the machine will automatically move the carriage to the center of the hat embroidery point and the embroidery area will be displayed on the screen.
  • A new basting stitch is included which enables you to secure a piece of fabric too small to hoop, to another larger piece or to stabilizer that is large enough to be hooped. This feature is also very useful to prevent puckering when sewing a small design in the middle of the hoop.
  • Gutermann/Sulky and Robison Anton rayon threads have now been added to the thread brands in the SET menu.
  • Two popular stitches have been added to the utility mode, the serpentine stitch and another blanket stitch.
  • Bi-directional dialogue between the machine and the PC is now possible. The MC11000 can now save designs directly back to a PC from the machine.
  • The graphic image on screen of the stitch in twin needle mode - that is, two lines of stitching not just one - is now available for all patterns suited for twin needle sewing.
Visit your Janome dealer to get your free MC11000 Version 1.3 update program:
For current DigitizerPro Version 1.0/1.0Q owners, Janome provides a free update to Version 2.0. Please contact your Janome dealer or distributor for further information or click here to download
August 2006
PC Design Card/CD # 1022 "Blackwork".
The newest addition to the JANOME PC-Design CD/Card collections, the Blackwork Collection contains over 50 elegant blackwork designs including dorders, spot designs, flowers, insects and animals.

Janome was honored to collaborate with distinguished Elizabethan blackwork designer Leon Conrad to create this exciting collection of geometric, historical and modern designs.

Blackwork dates back to the Middle Ages, deginning as geometric patterns and later developing to include nature-inspired designs and incorporate silver or gold threads as well as other colors and shapes.

Click here to view a PDF of the Design Menu
April 2006
New AcuFeed Accessories for the Memory Craft 6600 Professional
Janome has recently released three new accessory feet for use with the AcuFeed layered fabric feeding system on the Memory Craft 6600P.

AcuFeed 1/4 inch Seam Foot and Needle Plate

Guides edge of fabric to help you sew perfect 1/4 inch seams, especially useful for patchworking.The small needle hole on the Needle Plate prevents fabric from being pushed under the needle plate.
  AcuFeed Open Toe Foot

Front of foot has been removed for clearer visibility when sewing. Great for appliqu é, monogramming, cutwork and quilting.
  AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot

Center-position guide follows a seam line precisely, allowing perfect “in-the-ditch” quilting. Used in conjunction with various needle positions, it is also perfect for topstitching or under-stitching a facing.
846-407-007   846-410-003   846-413-006

Please contact your local Janome Dealer for more details.

March 2006
CoverPro Accessories
Janome announces the release of new accessories for the CoverPro series of cover stitch machines.

Janome has developed a number of accessories to use with the CoverPro series. These accessories make it even easier to create beautiful garments from knits and other stretch fabrics.

CoverPro 900CP   CoverPro 1000CP

Tape Binder

Used for finishing and covering the raw edges of stretch fabrics.

Center Guide Foot

Used for lining up the center of a two or three-needle stitch with a previously sewn seam.

Clear View Foot

Gives you a better view of what you are sewing, which is especially useful for decorative stitching. Can also be used with other attachments.

Hemming Guide

Folds over a consistent width of fabric, making it easy to form hems, cuffs and other finished edges.

Elastic Gathering Attachment

Allows easy attachment of elastic tape for waists and cuffs, which is especially useful for making undergarments and children's clothing.

Adjustable Seam Guide

Used to give a consistent distance between rows of decorative stitching and can also be used to guide the edge of your seam allowance.

The CoverPro Extension Table

Designed specifically for the CoverPro series of machines, the Extension Table snaps into place and is extremely stable.

January 2006
Scrapbook Embroidery Collection
Created by Stitchitize for Janome, this collection is packed with a total of 200 beautiful scrapbooking designs suitable for a wide range of scrapbooking projects, from babies and children to weddings, anniversaries and remembering our best friends.

Also included are seasonal designs including Halloween and Christmas plus special events such as birthdays, vacations, family reunions and much more.

The Scrapbook Embroidery Collection comes with an easy-to-follow full-color instruction booklet containing detailed directions on how to use the collection to make appliqués, create frames through cutwork, and embroider on paper.
Click an icon below to download the brochure and preview all 200 designs.

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