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December 2008

DigitizerJr / DigitizerPro / Digitizer MB Version 3.0

Janome Digitizer series Version 3.0 are now available. DigitizerPro/MB became even more powerful, and a new lighter version, DigitizerJr, has been newly added to the Digitizer series.


DigitizerPro/MB has many exciting new and expanded digitizing and editing features including expanded lettering options, quilting and much more. A main feature of this upgrade is the addition of multi-hoop large area digitizing and printable template creation with JANOME ORIGINAL Easy Layout. In addition to Easy Layout, DigitizerPro/MB Ver. 3.0 has also been loaded with many ingenious features quilters will enjoy including new quilting stitches, stippling creator, outline offset and make motif.

Quilting NEW!
JANOME Digitizer Pro/MB software is packed with exciting new quilting features. In addition to being able to create stipple fill inside any closed area, four new quilting stitches (hand-look stitch, Candlewick, stem stitch and backstitch) are now available.


Whereas normally digitizing software limits you what can be recreated within the hoop size, with the revolutionary Easy Layout, you can go beyond the hoop to create, edit and arrange designs of up to 118”x 118”(3m x 3m) in size – large enough to accurately arrange stippling patterns on a king size quilt. Easy layout and even creates easy-to-use templates that can be printed out to guide perfect placement.


More patterns for more creative options
Bring out the best in your embroidery with an impressive selection of fill patterns, now including contour and radial fills, and add a touch of flair to your projects with beautiful gradient and Florentine effects. With the Make Motif feature, you can even create your own original motif fill and motif run line. Add the optional cross-stitch program to create original cross-stitched designs.


In addition to the more than 75 built-in fonts, JANOME’s DigitizerPro and MB software lets you embroider using True Type® fonts for greater lettering flexibility. Digitizer also gives you powerful letter editing features. With Digitizer MB, you have access to even more advanced functionality.

  • 5 new fonts
  • 5 micro embroidery fonts
  • Thai and Kanji
  • Outline offset


MB-4 Connectability (Digitizer MB ONLY)
Connect up to three MB-4 embroidery machines simultaneously and monitor the current status of each machine from your Digitizer MB software. Digitizer MB includes settings for the optional hoops available on the MB-4, and also lets you send design data in the shape of a selected hoop to a connected MB-4 via direct PC link.



DigitizerJr is an entry-level version of DigitizerPro/MB for those new to digitizing. Although features are limited, DigitizerJr includes the same powerful Digitizer engine as DigitizerPro and Digitizer MB.

Main features

  • Click-to-Design (automatic digitizing)
  • Add border/outlines
  • Simple lettering and editing
  • Easy Layout (Janome Original)

DigitizerJr is upgradeable to DigitizerPro/MB with an upgrade kit. For current owners of Digitizer software, update kits are also available for some earlier versions. Contact your authorized Janome dealer for more information.

>>Click here for a comparison chart of Digitizer series products.
December 2008

Micro Embroidery -Glenn Harris Collection-

Janome is very pleased to announce the release of its latest PC-Design CD, MICRO EMBROIDERY –Glenn Harris Collection–.

In short, micro embroidery refers to not only small embroidery designs, but also highly detailed designs using thinner embroidery threads. Before now, this could only be accomplished with the accuracy of large industrial embroidery machines, but is now possible for domestic and hobby/small business use with the precision of the Janome MB-4, four-needle single head embroidery machine.

This CD includes 25 unbelievably detailed redwork-styled designs that have been adjusted and thoroughly tested for sewing as micro embroidery. It is possible to sew easily with a single color and short time, and take advantage of the MB-4’s superior sewing quality and functions. The designs are perfect for quilt blocks, as well as items like bags and wall hangings. Also, the line drawing redwork style is well suited for embroidery on paper for use in scrapbooking and other paper crafts.

Expand your imagination and creativity, and enjoy the world of micro embroidery.

>>Click here to view the PDF file of the Design Menu.
August 2008

Janome releases the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition

The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition builds upon the amazingly precise sewing and gorgeous embroidery of the Memory Craft 11000 and adds a host of new features including the new AcuFil™ Quilting system to take quilting to a new level.
From the movable i-height™ touch screen to the two-way connection to a PC, the Memory Craft 11000 has many features simply unavailable on any other machine. Its unique carriage-arm embroidery system gives industry-leading stitch quality with robotic precision. The MC11000 Special Edition packs the most power and possibilities into the sleekest design on the market, all without requiring a big, bulky embroidery attachment.

Introducing the AcuFil™ Quilting System

Beyond embroidering designs on quilt tops, the components of the Janome exclusive AcuFil™ Quilting System combine to make the Memory Craft 11000 the ultimate quilting machine.

Built-in AcuFil™ Calculator: Input your quilt size and the AcuFil™ Calculator calculates and lays out stippling or quilting to perfectly cover your entire quilt top, right on the screen of your sewing machine.

AcuFil™ Print Tool: Connect your MC11000 Special Edition to your computer to print out individual design templates or overall layout templates for seamless embroidery layout over an area big enough for a king size quilt.

AcuFil™ Quilting Hoop (Hoop AQ): Specifically designed for securely hooping quilt ‘sandwichesE the unique magnetic clamps of the AcuFil™ Quilting hoop make it easy to line up multiple hoopings.

Coming Soon! DigitizerPro™/Digitizer MB™ Version 3.0 digitizing software: (optional) Packed with many enhanced digitizing and editing features including new quilting features that complement and further expand capabilities of the AcuFil™ Quilting System.

Janome exclusive AcuGuide™

This sturdy, cloth guide snaps onto the carriage arm of the embroidery mechanism and automatically guides the fabric to the allowance entered on the touch screen.


Advanced Sewing Application support

Janome’s original Sewing Applications provide on-screen sewing guidance for sewists and automatically set stitch length, width and tension based on sewing purpose, fabric type and fabric weight. For the Special Edition, the Applications have been expanded to include additional options including a clever appliquEprogram.

Adjustable knee-lifter

This new, ergonomic knee lift provides 12 inches (300 mm) of adjustability to fit individual size and height of sewists for a more comfortable quilting experience.

Expanded embroidery and sewing features

In addition to the AcuFil™ Quilting System, sewists can enjoy convenience from additional embroidery features such as automatic jump thread trimming and on-screen adjustable speed while embroidering. If there should be a thread break or if stopped during embroidery, the machine will automatically return to where it left off. To aid with perfect placement, the hoop position can be adjusted even after embroidery has begun and trace basting is available for hard-to-hoop fabrics. Of course, there has also been added a variety of new stitches including hand-look quilting stitches and longer decorative stitches and enhanced editing functions to insure the most satisfying sewing experience.

>>Click here to see a sewing project using the new AcuFil™ Quilting System
July 2008

Janome certified as Next Generation Friendly by the Japanese Government

On July 18, 2008, Janome obtained the “Kurumin MarkEcertification based on the Japanese government’s Law to Promote Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation.

For many years Janome has been actively engaged in creating policies supporting the balancing of family and work including a robust child-rearing leave policy. These efforts have been affirmed through the awarding of this Next Generation Certification mark by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour, which designates the company as actively supporting parenting of the next generation.

The name Kurumin combines the swaddling (kurumi in Japanese) of an infant with the idea of the workplace needing to play an integral part (torikumi) in supporting working parents.

July 2008

Janome Taiwan marks completion of new headquarters and celebrates 40th anniversary

On July 10, 2008, a ribbon cutting and tree planting ceremony was held at Janome Taiwan marking the completion of the new main building and was attended by Janome representatives from Japan as well as guests from construction related companies and business partners.

The newly rebuilt main building comprises three floors. The first floor of the new building will house machining and plant facilities; the second floor, administrative offices and conference rooms; and the third floor includes a products gallery, conference rooms, a sewing classroom and assembly facilities for industrial equipment. To allow precision processing, the machining facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature control and incorporate maximum energy conservation and environmental conservation. The building is designed to provide accessibility for those with disabilities and as well as optimal earthquake resistance.

The completion of the new main building makes it possible for Janome Taiwan to provide an even higher quality of products to the world backed up with a high level of technical expertise.

On the same day, Janome celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of Janome Taiwan. The celebration included many distinguished guests including local government officials and representatives from various business partners. The ceremony took place in an atmosphere of austerity and congeniality with great hopes for further strengthening ties with business partners and further development in Taiwan.

Janome Taiwan Co., Ltd., founded in 1969, is one of the world’s largest household sewing machine production companies having reached a total cumulative production of twenty million sewing machines in 2004.

July 2008

Janome Thailand celebrates 20th Anniversary

On July 8, 2008, a ceremony was held at Janome Thailand marking the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company. The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests including representatives of business partners, distributors and related companies.

Messages of congratulations were given by Mr. Kato, president of Janome, and Mr. Boonsithi, chairman of management partner Sahapatana Group, as well as other Janome officials.

Janome (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 as a corporate joint venture with the Sahapatana Group. In March 2008, Janome Thailand reached an annual production level of 680,000 units further solidifying its strong position as a Janome Group production facility. As a joint Japanese-Thai company, Janome Thailand is proud to contribute to local development and looks forward to further development.

July, 22 2008

JANOME celebrates the production of 50 million units

Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. proudly announces the achievement of having produced an accumulated total of 50 million household sewing machines on July 22, 2008. The announcement was made by Mr. Sumikazu Kato, president of Janome, at a ceremony held at Janome’s Tokyo headquarters.

Janome was founded in 1921 as a sewing machine manufacturer. In 1936, the Koganei Factory was built as a mass production factory for sewing machines. Overseas production began in 1969 with the establishment of Janome Taiwan, and thereafter Janome Thailand, which was established in September of 1988.

Today, computerized embroidery sewing machines continue to be made at the Tokyo Factory. Janome Taiwan produces computer sewing machines, overlock machines and popular range sewing machines and Janome Thailand produces popular range sewing machines. Last year saw production of combination overlock/coverstitch machines begin at Janome Group member Hosei Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. bringing total annual production to approximately 1.8 million units.

Janome remains committed to developing and producing a wide range of high quality sewing machines to meet a diversity of customer requirements, and developing sewing machine-related products that support and increase the value of our sewing machines. As we work towards reaching 60 million units we further concentrate our efforts to develop and produce valuable products to meet our customersEneeds and strive to improve the quality and creativity of living for people everywhere.