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Janome America Inc. photo
10 Industrial Ave. Mahwah, NJ 07430
Phone: +1-201-825-3200
Fax: +1-201-825-3612

Founded: September 1, 1960

The Founding of New Home started In 1867,when William Barker and Andrew J. Clark began making the "New England Single Thread Hand Sewing Machine" in Orange, Massachusetts. Over the next 20 years, the New England machine and the "Home Shuttle" were their two most significant products, and in 1882 the company reformed under the name New Home (a combination of the names of their products New England and Home Shuttle). In 1960, ninety-three years after Mr. Barker and Mr. Clark first collaborated, New Home and the "New Home" brand were purchased by the Janome Sewing Machine Company of Tokyo, Japan.

The International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society has a more in-depth article on the early history of the company called "The Men Behind New Home".


Janome Canada Ltd. photo
Unit 3, 6620 Kitimat Road, Mississauga,
ONT L5N 2B8, Canada
Phone: +1-905-821-0266
Fax: +1-905-826-2505

Founded: November 1977

Janome Canada Ltd. was established in 1977 with the aim to expand business across the country including the French speaking area (Quebec). The headquarters are in Toronto along with two branch offices in Vancouver and Montreal. Janome has obtained the status of having the highest market share in the dealer channel network. This achievement has been due to promotional efforts along with support from our specialist retailers. The company will continue to develop by providing the best services and products available in the market.


Janome UK Ltd. photo
Unit A. Janome Centre, Southside, Bredbury,
Stockport, Cheshire SK6 2SP
Phone: +44-161-666-6011
Fax (Sales): +44-161-406-6401

Fax (General): +44-161-494-0179

Founded: October 1, 1968

Janome UK Ltd. was established in October 1968 and started to trade in 1969 as New Home Sewing Machine Co Ltd. As part of the globalisation of the Janome Group, it changed its name to Janome UK Ltd. in the mid 1990's. Operating in over 500 retail outlets throughout the UK, with an extensive model range, Janome is a market leader in both the Independent Retailer and Department Store sectors of the market. Consistent growth has seen Janome become a powerful brand in the UK. Its aim is to provide customers with an unrivalled level of service. The Janome Training Centre in Stockport, offering a wide range of sewing courses, is testament to their commitment to customer service and support.


Janome Europe B.V. photo

Haverstraat76A 2153GB Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-23-557-5559
Fax: +31-23-557-2663
E-mail: info@janome.nl

Founded: March 2002

Janome Europe B.V. was established in March 2002 to sell Janome brand machines in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company’s aim is to prevail Janome brand throughout the countries by providing full satisfaction to sewers through sewing machine specialist retailers.


Janome Australia Pty Ltd. photo
Unit A. 1-15 Mills Street. Cheltenham. Victoria, 3192 Australia
Phone: +61-3-9584-7622
Fax: +61-3-9584-8582

Founded: December 1, 1969

Janome Australia Pty Ltd. established in November 1969, has shown steady growth over the last three decades and is now being recognized as the number one sewing machine company in Australia. Janome brand sewing machines are being sold through specialist retailers and major department stores throughout Australia, with a market share in excess of 50%. The Australian headquarters are located in Melbourne with four state offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In addition, the company looks after New Zealand operations.


Janome Mexico Servicios Limitada
S de RL de CV

MEXICO, D.F. CP 01030
Phone: +52-55-5448-8670
Fax: +52-55-5662-3406
E-mail: contacto@janome.com.mx

Janome Mexico Servicios Limitada S de RL de CV was established in July 2009 to provide after sales service to customers in Mexico.


Comercial Janome Latin America Limitada photo
Avenida Santa Isabel 1012, Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Phone: +562-247-2750
Fax: +562-247-2740

Comercial Janome Latin America Limitada was established in April 1998 for selling Janome brand machines in Chile.


Janome do Brasil Comércio de Máquinas Ltda. photo
Rua Padre Antônio Tomás, 159 Água Branca
São Paulo / SP – Brasil
Phone: +55-11-3675-6754

Janome do Brasil Comércio de Máquinas Ltda. was established in April 2013 for selling Janome brand machines in Brasil.


Janome Deutschland GmbH photo
Opelstrasse 20-22, 64546 Moerfelden-Walldorf,
Phone: +49-6105-40636-0
Fax: +49-6105-40636-20


Janome Deutschland GmbH was established in April 2008 for growing the market in Germany.


Janome Industrial Equipment USA, Inc. photo
Fortune Business Campus, 1831 Howard St., Unit D,
Elk Grove Village IL 60007, U.S.A.
Phone: +1-847-357-8870
Fax: +1-847-357-8890

Janome Industrial Equipment USA, Inc. was established in Chicago's Northwest suburbs in 2007, to expand the sales of industrial equipment products, desktop/scara robots and servo press machines, in the USA.


Janome Industrial Equipment Europe GmbH photo
Operstrasse 20-22, 60007 Moerfelden-Walldorf,
Phone: +49(0)6105-27-1258
Fax: +49(0)6105-27-1265


Janome Industrial Equipment Europe GmbH. was established in April 2008 to sell Electro Press, Desktop Robot, SCARA Robot, Gantry Robot and so on in EU.


Reseach & Development Center photo
In 1964, the world's first integrated sewing machine research laboratory was founded in Tokyo. Since its establishment, a large number of superior sewing machines incorporating sophisticated computer control technology, have been developed.


Tokyo Factory photo
In 1936, the first mass production sewing machine factory in Japan was finally completed in Koganei, Tokyo. In 1998, the Koganei Factory and Takao Factory merged
to form the Tokyo Factory, as we shifted our production to the overseas
factories. However, high-tech robotic products and top flag models, such as the MC10000 (a computer sewing machine with embroidery functions) are assembled here.
ISO 14001 certification
ISO 9002 certification

Janome Taiwan Co., Ltd. photo
In 1969, Janome Taiwan Co., Ltd. which recently became the world’s largest ZZ sewing machine factory, was established in Taiwan R.O.C.

No. 101 Jifung Road, Wufung, Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: +886-4-2339-3301
Fax: +886-4-2330-3214

Founded in 1969
ISO 14001 certification
ISO 9002 certification

Janome (Thailand) Co., Ltd. photo
In 1988, Janome (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded as the second overseas factory.

312 Moo, 1 Sukaphiban 8 Rd, T. Bueng, Sriracha, Chonburi 20280 Thailand
Phone: +66-38-480-131
Fax: +66-38-480-019

Founded in 1988
ISO 14001 certification
ISO 9002 certification

Tokyo Factory Janome Taiwan Co., Ltd. Janome (Thailand) Co., Ltd..