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In keeping with Janome's philosophy of contributing to society by providing valuable products and services while fulfilling its social responsibilities and improving the quality and creativity of living for people all over the world, the Headquarters, R&D Center, 3 factories, 158 direct sales outlets in Japan, 17 subsidiaries at home and abroad work together to develop, manufacture, and sell the highest quality of products and provide the swiftest service to meet our customers' needs.
Quality Asurance Policy
R & D Center
Japan & Overseas Factories
Quality Assurance Department
Customer Support
Policy Related to Conflict Minerals

As Janome's flagship production facility, the Tokyo factory provides appealing, high-quality products that meet our customers' requirements in accordance with the following quality assurance policy. The overseas factories operate under policies suitable for the conditions of their respective countries.

Quality Assurance Policy
Janome's customers span the globe and include dealers and retail outlets that buy and sell our products as well as those who purchase for their own use. We actively promote efforts towards providing consistent quality and maintaining quality assurance for our customers.

Janome is constantly striving to meet our customers' requirements, provide appealing products, and gain our customers' satisfaction and trust.

In addition to current quality control operations in place to fulfill our customers' quality requirements, we are committed to:
  1. Understanding our customers' needs and expectations and legal/regulatory requirements, make explicitly known these requirements at the time of product manufacture, and provide products that meet them.
  2. Making continual improvements to provide even more attractive products
  3. Setting and reviewing quality targets to achieve our quality policy.
  4. Implementing training and internal communication programs to create a knowledge base among all employees of the organization.
  5. Constantly reviewing the quality policy to ensure its continued applicability.


Since its establishment in 1964 as the world's first research center for sewing machines, the Janome Research and Development Center has consistently developed new generations of industry trend-setting sewing machines, and currently leads the industry with the state of the art computerized Memory Craft 10001 sewing machine, which incorporates computer control technology. In addition, it has built up technical prowess in a vast array of fields ranging from the development of robots and electro press equipment and the development of electronic control systems to automated control mechanisms, specialized casting technology, high-speed machine vision technology, clean water systems and rapid prototyping materials. The R&D center plays an active role in the research and development of new technology and new manufacturing methods.
Sewing Machine Design

Highly-experienced designers develop designs to match the needs of each market.
Progress Meetings

Engineers hold both regular and ad hoc meetings to work out fine details as part of their constant efforts to develop new products and improve quality.
Materials Analysis

Performing suitability checks on the materials to be used before the manufacturing process begins plays an important role towards assuring quality.

Gas- chromatograph/mass-spectrometer Electron Microscope

Tokyo Factory

The flagship of Janome's production bases, the Tokyo factory produces our computerized sewing machines loaded with state of the art embroidery functions (including our top model, the MC10001) and our 24-hour Clean Bath systems (household bathwater warmers). It also produces our highly-rated electro press units, industrial robotics and ejection molding equipment. Using its high precision process technology, the Tokyo factory also manufactures high precision components, fixtures and tools for industrial use.

  • ISO 9002 Certification December 1997

  • ISO 14001 Certification October 2000
  • Taiwan Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1969, Taiwan Janome currently has the world's highest sewing machine production capacity producing in the range of 100,000 units per month. An overseas production base with high technical capability, Taiwan Janome is a significant force bolstering Janome's overseas sales strategy.

  • ISO 9002 Certification February 1995

  • ISO 14001 Certification May 2002
  • Thai Janome Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1988 in response to the dramatically changing overseas market as another production base in the Southeast Asian region, Thai Janome continues to achieve steady growth.

  • ISO 9002 Certification April 2000

  • ISO 14001 Certification December 2004
  • Component Inspection

  • Automated Warehouse

  • Robotics

  • Product Assembly Line

  • Finished Product Inspection
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    Quality Assurance Group

    Promotes quality assurance programs, acts as the external contact point on quality control issues, and is responsible for maintaining product liability law compliance and obtaining ISO quality management system certifications for Janome∆s entire organization.

    Product Testing Group

    Carries out objective testing and quantitative analysis on products manufactured by Janome as well as those by our competitors.

    Janome continues to provide timely and appropriate support to our customers throughout the world including wholesalers and retailers who buy and sell our products as well as general users.
    In addition, by listening to direct feedback from our customers Janome is able to develop products that meet market changes.

    In Japan

    Prompt response is provided through our direct retail outlets and Janome Service Centers located throughout Japan, as well as through the customer relations office at our headquarters in Tokyo and our webpage.

    Prompt response is provided in person at each of Janome's overseas offices, and by e-mail via the customer support page on each local office's website, as well as through the international marketing department in the Tokyo headquarters.

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act states that from January 1, 2013, United States stock exchange listed companies that use conflict minerals (specifically, gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country) in their products or for production, must report this to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The purpose of this requirement is to stop human rights violations caused by armed groups which are provided with a source of funding through the exploitation and trade of these conflict minerals.

    The Janome Group, which supplies products to stock exchange listed companies in the United States of America, is dealing with this issue assertively, with its social responsibility as a public company in mind. In conjunction with our suppliers, we are implementing appropriate measures to ensure that conflict minerals from refineries and regions where their exploitation and trade could become a source of funds for armed groups, are not incorporated in the parts and materials of our companyís products.