Fall Sewing Project
This project was created by Ryoko Sakuyama, Educational Coordinator, Janome Tokyo.
Click on the thumbnails below for tips on how to recreate this fall sewing-themed fabric scrapbooking project.
Base fabric   Clothes, bag and hat   Skirt
Round and square frames   Turtleneck & Accessories   Decorations

Base fabric
  • Add texture to the fabric base with decorative stitching. Here the width of the decorative stitches was shortened to 5 mm (3/16).

  • Use thread that is the same color or similar to the color of the base fabric.

  • Use less-elaborate stitches to avoid drawing attention away from the photo and the accessories.

  • Use thicker ric rac for the photo frame and thinner ric rac to add texture to the base fabric.

Clothes, bag and hat
  • Make patterns for clothes, bag and hat:
    Start with regular-sized patterns. Use a copier to reduce size of each to 10%.

  • Piece together following pattern directions.

  • Add embroidery along hem of skirt. Here #12 from the Border collection (1003) was used.

  • Sew full-sized embroidery design onto fabric before piecing together.

Round and square frames
  • Digitizer was used to create the designs for the miniature frames.

  • In the Edit screen, reduce the size of the design to 80%.

  • Sew out designs on fabric.

  • Cut fabric to fit miniature hoop or frame and mount.

  • Here designs from Quilt collection (#1004) were used.

  • Add realistic details to the turtle neck by cover stitching the hem.

  • Here the Cover Pro 1000CP cover stitching machine was used.

  • String beads on clear monofilament to form a necklace.

  • Use miniature dollhouse accessories to accent the theme of your projects.

  • There are many different accessories available.

  • Have fun experimenting while making your own original arrangement.