Christmas Tree and Ornaments
This project was created by Fumiyo Chisaki, Educational Manager, and Yuri Nakamura, Educational Supervisor, Janome Tokyo.


Top fabric 70 cm x 110 cm
Felt 20 cm x 45 cm
Fiberfill 300 g
Ribbon ( 24 mm width )
           ( 9 mm width )
50 cm ( enough for 1 )
330 cm ( enough for 18 )
Beads 1 bag

  1. Cut 6 tree-shaped pieces out of the top fabric. Match in pairs and with right sides together, sew along allowance to make three sets.

  2. Turn right sides out and sew all three sets together down center. Add fill carefully, little by little, with a knitting needle to work into tips.


  1. Make ornament
    Embroider your choice of design on felt and trim around design. Cut back piece of felt to match. Add ribbon between the two pieces of felt and stitch together around edges.
  1. Attach ornaments to tree and You’re done!
Click here for the pattern for the Christmas tree.

Note: If you are unable to print out B4 size paper, use a copier to enlarge your printout 125% to obtain the correct size.

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