New Year Sewing Project "Best Wishes and Prosperity"
This project was created by Ryoko Sakuyama, Educational Coordinator, Janome Tokyo.
New Years is a major holiday in Japan complete with special decorations for the house. Ryoko designed this wall hanging to be a New Years greeting. The gold character kotobuki was created using DigitizerPro and means 'Congratulations', which is also conveyed through the use of hexagon patchwork to represent turtles and thereby express wishes for a long life. The New Year is also referred to as the ‘new spring’ according to the Chinese calendar Japan traditionally followed and is represented by the pink background as well as the little chicks, which were created using Janome’s Brush-Out Embroidery Kit. The Mayudama or balls on string are also a traditional New Year decoration, shaped like mochi (sweet rice cakes) they are a symbol of prosperity. The fabric used in this piece is called Chirimen which is used for kimonos. May you and yours have a happy and peaceful New Year.
Janome Supplies Used

Memory Craft 11000
ST Hoop
SQ Hoop
Open appliqué or embroidery foot
Janome Embroidery Thread
Janome Brush-out Embroidery Package by Stitchitize Design #YR052
"Kotobuki" kanji design- Download Here

Fabrics and Notions used

Polyester Chirimen Crepe
         Pink 34.5 cm by 42cm (13.6" by 16.5")
         Roughly 10 different scraps for the patchwork
Quilt batting 34.5cm by 42cm (13.6" by 16.5")
Backing 34.5cm by 42cm (13.6" by 16.5")
Paper (to make pattern)
Gold or silver decorative wire – 3 by 11cm lengths (4.3")
1cm polystyrene balls
Making the hexagons

You will need to create 3 patterns. Download Pattern Template here.
For the main patchwork you will need 26 hexagons. Widthwise you should have 5 hexagons. Lengthwise you need 7. This will give you a diagonal of 8 hexagons. Use the Locking Stitch (stitch length 1.80) from Patchwork Applications to piece them together. Start by joining them together into rows. When you have done this join the rows together.

Making the "Mayudama"

Cover the polystyrene balls in Chirimen crepe scraps. This can either be done by hand sewing or glueing the fabric around the balls. Using a needle push a hole through the ball and fabric, so that the decorative wire can be passed through. Apply glue onto the wire where you want the ball to sit and then slide the ball over the top. It will now be secure. Twist the 3 pieces together at one end.
  1. First, using the ST Hoop, embroider the "Kotobuki" kanji onto the pink Chirimen crepe.
  2. Attach the large hexagon patchwork to the pink base. It should sit roughly 17cms (6.7") along the bottom and 19cms (7.5") up the side. From Applications select Patchwork and then Locking Stitch (stitch length 1.80) to stitch it in.
  3. Arrange the chicks and use the Quilting #16 stitch to secure them.
  4. Arrange the other hexagons according to taste and keeping balance in mind and stitch in place.
  5. Attach the quilt batting.
  6. Stitch around all of the hexagons and the chicks using the Utility #1 stitch so that the shapes are more defined and stand out.
  7. Attach the "Mayudama" by hand stitching it in place.
  8. Trim the edges if needed and place into a frame.