Wool Tote
This project was designed by Yuri Nakamura, Educational Supervisor, Janome Tokyo

Outer Fabric (Wool)

45 cm x 37 cm
50 cm x 37 cm
Lining 88 cm x 36 cm
Organza (two different types) 30 cm x 30 cm (each)
Fusible interfacing (GS-8) 50 cm x 92 cm
Woven tape (for handle) 90 cm
Buttons (two different types) 2 each

Click here to download the pattern for this tote bag (1.1 MB)
  1. Apply interfacing to all pieces of top fabric and base only of lining.
  2. Sew top and bottom of outer fabric together and add decorative stitching. Press seam allowances open.
  3. Make flowers from the organza and attach with a button in the center. Attach buttons with your sewing machine.
To make flowers:
  1. Sew one row of gathering stitching 5 mm from edge of fabric.
  2. Pull both of the bobbin threads at the same time and tie each to their upper threads. (Tie about 3 times for extra security)
  3. Push seam allowance to the inside.

To attach buttons
  1. Set button in the middle of the flower and attach with sewing machine using button sewing foot T.
  2. Drop needle into left hole of button and select the width to the right hole. Sew two or so stitches turning the wheel by hand and if size is correct, start sewing with the machine slowly.

    Flower hints: If you make the flowers from a slightly larger circle it will give another interesting effect. Set the seam allowance on the bottom to resemble a pansy. Pull the fabric up from the seam allowance to give a double flower appearance. Flip it over to give softer appearance. There are many possibilities.
  1. Attach pocket to lining.
Easy pocket-making technique:
  1. Fold in half with right sides together. Sew with a 1 cm seam allowance leaving a section unsewn in the center.
  2. ii. Turn right sides out and double stitch the opening to give a well-formed pocket with a sturdy opening.

  1. Attach handle.
  1. Form the opening by sewing the outer fabric and the lining together with right sides together.
  1. Sew the sides with right sides together. Press open seams with an iron.
  1. Attach bottoms.
  1. Attach outer and inner bottoms to the outer fabric

  1. Blind stitch the lining to the inner bottom.

  1. Embellish opening with decorative stitches
Click here to download the pattern for this tote bag (1.1 MB)

Note: If you are unable to print out A3 size paper, print on A4 or Letter size paper and use a copier to enlarge your printout 200% to obtain the correct size.

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