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Digitizer 10000 - Update to Version 2.0
FOR MC10001, MC10000 Version 3.0, MC9500 and MC300E

Important :
If your machine is MC10000 Version 2.2 or earlier you must upgrade the firmware to Version 2.21 first.

You must own Digitizer 10000 prior to downloading this update
For ease of downloading, all latest online documents such as Online Manual, Online Help and Release Note (English, French, Spanish and Japanese) can be downloaded separately from the links below as necessary.
New features Included :
(for further details, see RELEASE NOTE files below)
Design Gallery - provides an efficient way for viewing and managing embroidery designs.

Slow Redraw - lets you view the stitching and color sequence of a design in slow motion.

Click-to-Outline lets you digitize boundaries of shapes with run stitching.
Enhancements Included :
(for further details, see RELEASE NOTE files below)
Four Icons - Underlay icon, Display Hoop icon, Display Grid icon and Display Needle Points icon (EasyEdit only)

Five extra professional-quality embroidery fonts

Improvements Included :
(for further details, see RELEASE NOTE files below)
Click-to-Stitch - a suitable color is now automatically selected from the Color Chart and matched to the fill area color.

Auto Applique - the machine now stops after stitching the tack-down and before starting the cover stitch, allowing you to trim the applique in place.


Software download: no online documentation
(English, French, Spanish and Japanese)
To update your software, download both the Main Update Program and Language Support Program to update software.

How to download:
Click on the link below to download the file.
If your browser prompts for a path, navigate to your desktop or My Documents and click OK.

Main Update Program (EXE program: 18Mb) - Mandatory:
You must download this program and install.


d10kv2.0.exe (17MB)

Double click on the file you just downloaded.

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the update.

Language Support Program (2.7Mb) - Mandatory:
You must download this program and install.
*Install this program AFTER you installed Main Update Program

These documents are optional. Download if you want the latest documents.
(Online Manual, Online Help and Release Note)

Selection of Language
Select a language you would like to download then click on the link.

English version Online Documents download

French version Online Documents download

Spanish version Online Documents download

Japanese version Online Documents download

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