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Digitizer 10000 Version 2.0F – Service Pack 1

Important :
You must own Digitizer 1000 Version 2.0E prior to downloading this service pack.
Improvements in Service Pack 1
(For further details, see Read Me files below) :

Click-to-Outline with ‘current’ color - The Click-to-Outline tool now uses the currently selected color when creating embroidery objects.

Touch Up Image with Paint Shop Pro 9

Slow Redraw under Windows® XP improvements

Opening designs under Windows® XP SP2 and Windows® 2000 SP4 - In the previous release, the software sometimes froze when opening a design or inserting an image. The problem on Windows® XP SP2 and Windows® 2000 SP4 has been rectified.

‘SmartHeap’ errors with Windows® XP SP2 - ‘SmartHeap’ errors have now been rectified.

Access violations - Access violations when starting the software and opening designs have now been rectified.

‘Cannot Open Program Splits File’ on opening has now been rectified.


d10kv20fsp.exe (12.7MB)

How to install:

Click on the link below to download the update file.

If your browser prompts you for a path, navigate to your
    desktop and click on OK.

When the download is complete, minimize your browser
    and look for the service pack icon on your desktop.

Double-click on the file you just downloaded.

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the update.

Read Me files of System Update Version 2.0FSP1

English (27.7KB)

French (31.6KB)

Spanish (23.5KB)

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