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Software Updates  for your Janome Embroidery Software
Digitizer MBX and Jr V5.0P Auto Update

  • This Auto Update will be available for users of Digitizer MBX and Jr V5.0.
  • The Auto Update will be available from mid-December.
  • As well as this Auto Update, the V5.0P updates will also be available as downloads from the Janome Global Site as previously. Please go to the bottom of this page for information and download links.
Auto update method:
1. Connect to the internet and run Digitizer MBX or Jr V5.0 software. A message like the one below will appear saying an update to V5.0P is available.

2. Select 'Yes' to install straight away or 'No' to defer installation until later (the same message will appear the next time the software is run).
N.B. If the Auto Update message does not display automatically, check for updates through the ‘Help’ bar.

Included in the list of fixes and improvements are the following:
  • Direct PC link functionality has been added to Digitizer Jr for MB-4, MB-4S and MB-7 users.
  • Hilos Iris thread information has been added.
  • Activation issues related to Windows 10 are eliminated by the inclusion of an updated HASP driver.
Digitizer V5.0P MBX and Jr Update File Downloads

V5.0P updates are also available below as downloads for customers who encounter any difficulties with the Auto Update.
Click here for installation instructions.

Click here to download
Digitizer MBX Version 5.0P Update File


Click here to download
Digitizer Jr Version 5.0P Update File