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Digitizer V5.0/V5.5 Activation (Software License) Transfer Program

This software program lets you move Digitizer V5/V5.5 to run on a different PC without using another activation of your
Product Key, for example:
  • if you bought a new PC to replace an old one, and you don't want to use the old PC anymore, or
  • if you sold your Digitizer V5/V5.5 software to someone else, and you won't be using it anymore.

The PDF instructions document describes how to transfer an existing Digitizer V5/V5.5 "Activation" (Software License) from
an already activated PC to a different PC using the stand-alone DigitizerV5&V5.5-RUS.exe program. It is effectively moving
the "software dongle" from one PC to another, similar to moving a "hardware dongle".
You can move an activation from one PC to another by yourself in just a few minutes:
  • It does not require the Product Key, and
  • It does not require an online internet connection.
  • It does not use up any additional activations from your Product Key.
  • It does require that the old PC still works.
Digitizer V5/V5.5 Activation Transfer Program Download.

Click here for usage instructions.

Click here to download the
Digitizer V5/V5.5 Activation
Transfer Program