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Digitizer V5.0 Activation (Software License) Transfer Program

This software program lets you move Digitizer V5 to run on a different PC without using another activation of your
Product Key, for example:
  • if you bought a new PC to replace an old one, and you don't want to use the old PC anymore, or
  • if you sold your Digitizer V5 software to someone else, and you won't be using it anymore.

The PDF instructions document describes how to transfer an existing Digitizer V5 "Activation" (Software License) from
an already activated PC to a different PC using the stand-alone DigitizerV5-RUS.exe program. It is effectively moving
the "software dongle" from one PC to another, similar to moving a "hardware dongle".
You can move an activation from one PC to another by yourself in just a few minutes:
  • It does not require the Product Key, and
  • It does not require an online internet connection.
  • It does not use up any additional activations from your Product Key.
  • It does require that the old PC still works.
Digitizer V5 Activation Transfer Program Download.

Click here for usage instructions.

Click here to download the
Digitizer V5 Activation
Transfer Program