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Software Updates  for your Janome Embroidery Software
DigitizerPro/MB Version 2.0 Service Pack 1

For users who have DigitizerPro/MB Version 2.0K. If you have an earlier version of DigitizerPro/MB, please upgrade before installing this service pack.

The following improvements and corrections are included with DigitizerPro V2.0 Service Pack 1:
Touching up image files in external programs
With the previous release, after making changes to an image file in an external graphics program using the Touch Up tool, changes are sometimes not reflected after returning to the design window. The problem only occurs when running JANOME DigitizerPro under Windows Vista. This problem is now rectified.

Saving Weave Fill objects in JEF/EXP format
With the previous release, when saving Weave Fill objects with stitch spacing between 0.5mm to 3mm in JEF/EXP format, the fill stitch is incorrectly recognized as Satin fill upon reopening. This problem is now rectified.

Changing fill settings in Parallel Embossed Fill objects
With the previous release, when you insert the certain designs - e.g. sample designs FISH.JAN and BTFLYANI.JAN - via the Embroidery > Insert Design menu option, the software crashes when changing embossed fill settings in some Parallel Embossed Fill objects. This problem is now rectified.

Saving JEF files using the MA hoop
When a stitch format is opened in JANOME DigitizerPro, embroidery objects are 'recognized' from the stitch data. With the previous release, however, when a JEF file is saved using Hoop MA, stitches are regenerated for recognized objects. This sometimes causes changes to the actual stitching, particularly when the recognition is flawed. This problem is now rectified.

Automatic centering of designs in hoop
With the previous release, designs are sometimes automatically centered in the hoop even when Automatic Centering is not selected. This problem is now rectified.

Updated ScanCard software
The Service Pack release includes updated ScanCard software (Version 1.01). This update includes support for the Windows Vista operating system.

Note: The download file is large and has been divided into four parts to allow for easier downloading. It is extremely important that you read and understand the download and installation instructions before proceeding.

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Download only this file first:
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Download these files into the folder created by unzipping Disk1.exe:
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