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Software Updates  for your Janome Embroidery Software
DigitizerPro/MB Version 3.0K-Service Pack 1

This service pack is available for owners of Digitizer Pro/MB Version 3.0D and will upgrade the software to Version 3.0K

  • AQ Hoop – embroidery area has been corrected.
  • Motif run line – default setting has been corrected.
  • Jump thread trimming – jump thread trim related symbols have been improved
    : Tie-in symbol / : Trim symbol
Additional notes regarding this service pack
  • Be sure to select auto split when using satin fill.
  • With Giga hoop designs, the red area is stitched first, the hoop is rotated, and then the blue area is stitched. If, in the design sequence, the blue area is stitched before the red area, it cannot be saved as a Giga hoop design.
  • Radial fill is only available for objects digitized using one of the radial fill tools.
Download instructions

The download file is large and has been divided into 5 parts to allow for easier downloading. It is extremely important that you read and understand the download and installation instructions before proceeding.

Click here for installation instructions

Download only this file first:
Click Download

Download these files into the folder created by unzipping Disk1.exe:
Click Download Click Download Click Download Click Download
data3.cab data4.cab data5.cab data6.cab