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Software Updates  for your Janome Embroidery Software

M770 Tools (Version 1.0)

Design Print Tool allows you to display the data number and image of embroidery patterns stored in the MB-4 on your PC. You can also print the embroidery design data list. In addition, a Screen Saver Tool which allows you to create your own is also included.


PC link

Connects your PC and the MB-4 using a USB cable. Up to three machines can be connected to one PC.

Machine name bar

Displays the name (ID) of the selected machine.

Design list

Displays the list of the file name and number of the designs stored in the selected machine.

Design information

Displays the size, number of colors, and stitch counts of the selected file. Can also display the file number and file name of the designs stored in the selected machine.

Design image view

Displays image of the selected file.

Design print out

Displays a print preview of designs in the design list of the selected machine.

Thread Selection

Shows the number and name of the thread colors in the brand selected. Contains thread lists for Janome, Robison-Anton Polyester 40 and Rayon 40, Madeira Polyneon 40 and Rayon 40, Mettler Poly Sheen, Guetermann SULKY Rayon 40 and Pearl Yacht Rayon.

Screensaver Tool

Lets you create your own screensaver.

Click Download (7.51MB)

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