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Update to Version 1.04


The Memory Craft 15000 Version 2.11 program update contains various improvements and modifications:

  • “Embroidery foot select key” on the ready to sew window added and the couching foot PC-1 and PC-2 available

  • Compatibility with AcuSetter

  • Small size setting on the Block font (9mm) added

Click here for installation instructions.
Click here to see how to unpack the zip file.
Click here to see how to format a USB flash drive.

Please review the following before downloading:

It is very important that you read and understand the download and installation instructions before proceeding, otherwise the update may cause damage to the machine.

When updating to version 2.11 from versions earlier than 2.00, it is necessary to delete stored data for all favorite design settings.
If stored data is not deleted, problems with sewing may occur after the update is carried out.
You need a formatted USB flash drive to update your MC15000.

Check this box to indicate you have read the above instructions.

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