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November 2013

Janome celebrates the production of 60 Million Sewing Machines.

60million ceremony Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. (president: Hachiro Makabe) produced its 60 millionth sewing machine on October 29th, 2013.

Since its establishment as Japanís first domestic home sewing machine manufacturer in 1921, Janome has manufactured sewing machines at its original domestic manufacturing center at Koganei in Tokyo, at Janome Taiwan which was established in April 1969, at Janome Thailand which was founded in September 1988, and also at its Tokyo factory where domestic production is currently carried out, with the total number of sewing machines produced now exceeding 60 million.

At present, production is spread internationally over three countries with top of the range embroidery capable computerized sewing machines produced at the Tokyo factory, mid-high range computerized sewing machines, electronic sewing machines and horizontal hook mechanical sewing machines produced by Janome Taiwan, and popular range sewing machines produced by Janome Thailand. The combined annual number of sewing machines produced by these three factories is approximately 2.1 million.

Janome is dedicated to continuing to develop attractive products that meet the needs of the consumer, and releasing them to the market in a timely manner. Janome also intends to focus on developing sewing machine-related products that support and increase the value of our sewing machines. As a leader in the home sewing machine business, Janome will strive to deliver high quality products and a high level of service to its customers.

60million logo

October 2013

Janome announces the release of the newest top of the line, the Memory Craft 15000.

Memory Craft 15000 The MC15000 is the first home-use sewing machine in the world with built-in wireless connectivity to Pcs. via HorizonLink Suite and iPads via the AcuEdit and AcuMonitor apps.

Send Designs to your Machine Wirelessly

Memory Craft 15000 No more USBís or cords required!Now you can send embroidery designs from your computer or your iPad directly to your sewing machine using a wireless connection.Smart, Simple and Convenient.

Smart and Useful iPad Apps

Memory Craft 15000 Janomeís apps, AcuEdit and AcuMonitor will bring a whole new dimension to your sewing and embroidery. AcuMonitor allows you to watch the progress of the embroidery stitch-outs on your iPad-now you can leave your sewing room without leaving your machine. The AcuEdit app lets you design embroidery anywhere, anytime. It includes the full design editing capability of your Horizon Memory Craft 15000 on your iPad. When your design is complete,simply use the machineís wireless connection to transfer.

Advanced PC Connection Ė Horizon Link Suite

Memory Craft 15000 Even though itís as easy as ever to create and edit designs on the Horizon Memory Craft 15000ís giant touchscreen, you can take your editing capabilities ever further ! Use your regular computer to edit designs on screen. Easily drag, drop, and edit using a mouse. With Horizon Link Suite, your editing screen is only limited by the screen you hook up to your computer.
Plus the Horizon Memory Craft 15000ís wireless capability means that you can send designs without hooking the computer up to your machine.

Industryís Largest LCD Touchscreen

Memory Craft 15000 Everything is bigger, brighter, and bolder on the Horizon Memory Craft 15000ís 9" LCD touchscreen, with 7.7"◊4.7" of design workspace. Edit, design, and create on the wide screen, and view in amazing clarity and 16,000,000 colors.

Easy Threading Bobbin Case and Cover

Memory Craft 15000 The specially designed bobbin case and cover mean thereís no need to pull long thread tails up and through when you first thread the machine. Slip the bobbin thread in the cover plate guide; the built in cutting blades trim the tail to the correct length for a super- clean start to your stitching line. After the initial threading, the auto-thread cutter takes care of trimming and re-setting the tails each time.

Other features
  • AcuFil Tool and Hoop
  • 11" to the Right of the Needle
  • Stitch Composer
  • Independent Bobbin Winding Motor
  • Bobbin Winder Plate with Cutter
  • Auto Presser Foot Lift
  • 9mm Zig Zag
  • One Step Plate Converter
  • Bobbin Thread Sensor
  • Variable Zig Zag
  • High Speed Embroidery
  • Compact Embroidery Unit
  • Extra-Large Embroidery Area
  • Jump Thread Trimming
  • Cutwork Enabled
  • 91 Needle Positions
  • Wide Variety of Amazing Light
  • Free Motion Quilting
  • Automatic Cloth Guide
  • Automatic Presser Foot Pressure
  • Imprpved Ergonomic Knee Lift
  • 500 Built-in Stitches, Including 13 Different Style of Buttonholes
  • 480 Built-in Embroidery Designs

» Click here to download the Horizon MC15000 brochure (PDF)

Memory Craft 15000

» Click here to download the Horizon MC15000 Feature and Benefits (PDF)

Memory Craft 15000


September 2013

Janome Celebrates Memory Craft's 30th Anniversary

Memory Craft 30th logo Janome celebrates the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Memory Craft series.

History of Memory Craft series sewing machines

Memory Craft 6000 1983: Memory Craft 6000 The MC6000 was the first home-use computer sewing machine in the Memory Craft series and was equipped with the worldís most stitches at that time.

Memory Craft 7000 1987: Memory Craft 7000 The MC7000 focused on sewing quality with features such as automatic thread tension adjustment, and drawing up of bobbin thread.

Memory Craft 8000 1990: Memory Craft 8000 Janome technology made dreams come true for users around the world with the introduction of the MC8000, the first home-use computerized sewing machine with a built-in embroidery function.

Memory Craft 9000 1994: Memory Craft 9000 The MC9000 was developed as part of the second generation of embroidery sewing machines. It was equipped with a bobbin thread sensor and a knee lifter which were very convenient functions for embroidery.

Memory Craft 10000 2000: Memory Craft 10000 The MC10000 was the first sewing machine to offer PC connectivity with a USB cable connection. It was equipped with a vertical style full color touch screen which was the largest screen in the industry.

Memory Craft 11000 2006: Memory Craft 11000 Janome revolutionized the home embroidery market with the groundbreaking MC8000. The X-Y movement of the MC8000 became the impetus for Janome to develop desktop robots. This robotic technology returned for the MC11000 with Janome Robotics creating the Linear Motion Embroidery System.

Memory Craft 12000 2011: Memory Craft 12000 The MC12000 had a sleek, detachable embroidery unit that slid onto the back of the machine. It was equipped with an automatic presser foot lifter, variable zigzag, a retractable light and 9mm stitch width function.

Memory Craft 15000 2013:Memory Craft 15000 The MC15000 is the first home-use sewing machine in the world with built-in wireless connectivity to PCs and iPads. The touch screen is the largest LCD screen in the industry.

The Janome Memory Craft series has always been focused on providing the best value for our customers and enabling them to become more creative.

March 2013

Janome releases the Memory Craft 9900

Memory Craft 9900 The MC9900 is a unique model with an embroidery unit that slides onto the back of the machine. Itís such a sleek and clever design, you can switch back and do regular sewing without having to remove the embroidery unit.

It has so many advanced features for not only ordinary sewing but also embroidery.

  • 200 built-in stitches, including 5 one-step buttonholes and 1 auto buttonhole
  • 175 built-in embroidery designs
  • 3 monogram fonts in two and three letter options, with European letters, plus border and normal sewing designs
  • Maximum zigzag width: 9mm
  • Full color LCD backlit touchscreen
  • 5 white LED lamps in 3 locations
  • 3 quick change decorative frames
  • Quick needle plate conversion: includes straight stitch and zigzag
  • Maximum embroidery size: 170 x 200mm
Memory Craft 9900

» Click here to download the MC9900 brochure.