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October 2018

Janome introduces Memory Craft 9450 QCP!

Memory Craft 9450 QCP is the 'next level' quilting machine!

Has the same design DNA as the Professional Series. Very stylish with numerous useful functions added.



New Features

  • AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot(HP-2)New

*This foot provides superior visibility and is great for curves and precise topstitching. It holds fabrics firmly in sync with the feed dogs to achieve professional results.

*For use in combination with Professional Grade Needle Plate (HP).Utilizes the left side feed dogs.

AcuFeed Flex ProfessionalGrade Foot (HP-2)

  • Tapering CapabilityNew

*You can select stitches from the tapering category.

*Lock stitch ON/OFF setting for the beginning/end of stitches

*Number of cycles display

*Tapering angle key

*Mirror images function available

*Number of cycles can be set

*'Tapering angle' and 'cycle (number of patterns)' can be saved in 'save as favorite setting'

Tapering (1)

Tapering (2)

  • New Thread Guide '7'New

Simply draw the thread through Thread Guide 7 across the Face Plate from right to left. New ‘Thread Guide 7’ makes threading easy!

New Thread Guide '7'

  • Brighter Work SpaceNew

LED lights in 3 places. Brighter work space facilitates comfortable sewing.

New Thread Guide '7'

Note: Memory Craft 9400 QCP cannot be updated to Memory Craft 9450 QCP.
An update kit / update firmware will not be released.

October 2018

Janome introduces the new SKYLINE S6!

A redesigned machine with many improvements based on the existing SKYLINE series.


New Features

  • AcuFeed FlexNew

Provides smooth feeding when quilting on leather, vinyl etc.

AcuFeed Flex

  • Superior Needle ThreaderNew

Easy threading in one action.

Superior Needle Threader

  • 30 additional built-in stitches compared to Skyline S5New

30 additional built-it stitches compared to Skyline S5

  • Color ChangeNew

The color of key parts of the machine’s exterior has been changed from light blue to indigo blue.

Color Change

  • New Operation PanelNew

*8 direct pattern selection keys

*Larger operation panel

*Larger selection keys

New panel(S6)

  • Comes with Blue Bobbins and Blue ScissorsNew

blue bobbins

May 2018

Janome introduces AirThread 2000D

AirThread 2000D provides professional-quality finishing and is equipped with
the all-new One-Push Air Threading System!


New Features

  • One-Push Air Treading SystemNew

No more tedious threading of upper and lower loopers.
With one simple push of the lever, thread is transported to where it needs to be!


  • 8-Piece Feed Dog SystemNew

The 8-piece feed dog system has been developed to improve fabric feeding
performance and will easily hold and feed a range of fabrics.


  • Built-in One-step SpreaderNew

For simple conversion to two-thread serging, just flip the built-in Spreader into
the upper looper!


  • Built-in Needle ThreaderNew

A Janome first! The needle threader lever provides easy threading of both the right
and left position needles.


  • Main Shaft With Two Ball BearingsNew

AirThread 2000D has a main shaft equipped with two ball bearings which provide
low torque for greater stability at high speeds and increased durability.


  • Micro Switch Safety Devices

There are three micro-switches on the machine located in the side cover, looper cover and presser foot bar.

The AirThread 2000D will only be able to serge if all three switches are engaged providing added safety.

  • Wide Flat Work Surface

The AirThread 2000D offers ample sewing area with a sewing bed suitable
for bigger projects!

April 2018

Artistic Digitizer Jr. for Mac or Windows

icon image

The Jr. version of Artistic Digitizer is coming soon! Artistic Digitizer Jr. is perfect for
those new to digitizing or those who do not require the extensive range of functions
and techniques available in the full version of the software.

Please view the comparison chart through the link below for more details on the functions offered.

Click here for an Artistic Digitizer comparison chart (Full/Jr. versions)

Click here for installation details

Click here to watch training videos for Artistic Digitizer Jr. (Jump to YouTube page)
*Please note, these videos describe functions/features available in Artistic Digitizer Jr. but some icons displayed in the videos may not appear in the Jr. version.

January 2018

Artistic Digitizer Full for Mac or Windows

icon image

The all new Artistic Digitizer software unites numerous applications in one
powerful solution, giving embroidery and crafting enthusiasts every tool they
need to successfully achieve their creative goals.

The simple but intelligent interface has been designed for use on a range of
devices such as desktop computers, notebooks or tablets, with commonality
between Windows and Mac operating systems.

Artistic Digitizer software is not only embroidery software; it includes the following
5 techniques:

embroidery crystals paint
cut stencil

Click here for installation details

Click here to watch training videos